VitA-Pos 5g

VITA-POS® is a preservative-free ointment containing vitamin A to help protect the cornea and conjunctiva during the night and to aid regeneration. Due to its smooth, gel-like texture, VITA-POS® moisturizes your eyes in an optimal way while you are asleep. Furthermore, the eyelids are kept smooth and crusting around the eye is prevented.

VITA-POS® eye ointment remains in the eye for up to 6 hours, enabling optimal moisturization during the night. VITA-POS® eye ointment can be used for up to 6 months after first opening.

• Preservative free, phosphate-free and therefore very well tolerated
• Very cost-effective & excellent value for money-with 300 applications in one 5g tube.
• Excellent duration of action offering 6 hours of comfort
• Strong compliance due to a favourable consistency of the ointment
• Limits dehydration of the surface of the eyes overnight
• Suitable for use with adults and children of all ages and can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

While we are asleep, no tears are produced. if you suffer from dry eye, this can lead to a painful awakening, resulting in the eyelids sticking together and unpleasant incrustations forming. The conjunctiva and the skin of the edges of the eyelids can also become irritated and inflamed due to friction.

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