Treating Blepharitis

Treating the forms of Blepharitis

This apparatus, which looks somewhat like an electric toothbrush, acts like an electric toothbrush on the eyelids and eye lash base.
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Rather than a brush, the BlephEx utilises a soft pad that is moistened with a cleansing foam to scrub away the debris caused by excess bacteria or overpopulation of Demodex mites.
This is a recommended step to clear away the barriers caused by the debris around the base of the eyelashes to allow the foam cleanser used at home to be a more effective treatment (like clearing the mess from around your front door to let the cleaner in).

The sensation during the treatment is bizarre, ranging from tickling to a feeling of pressure and it can leave the eyelids feeling a lttle raw for a few hours after, but it tends to provide relief from the grittiness of the blepharitis by the next day, as long as at home protocols are followed.

Relief may be achieved after only one treatment for the bacterial form, but the Demodex mites are notoriously difficult to control and 2-3 treatments may be needed.

If your eyelids are very sensitive, a manual scrub, again using a special soft pad soaked in solution, can be used, but an extra visit for follow up treatment may be necessary . In all cases, at home care is advised and we will show you the most effective way to use your cleansers and we tailor each treatment to your needs.

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