Intense Pulsed Light for Evaporative Dry Eye Syndrome.

For over a decade, Intense Pulsed Light, IPL, has been used successfully for skin conditions such as rosacea, acne and skin pigment anomalies, as well as hair reduction. For several years now, it has also been used in the treatment of evaporative dry eye syndrome. This began when rosacea sufferers mentioned that after their treatments, their eyes also felt much improved.

The IPL is a hand held device that uses a Xenon flash lamp using light wavelengths of between 400 to 1200nm, but a filter is used to reduce this to a working wavelength of about 500nm which is in the visible light range. 

Normal meibum, secreted from the Meibomian glands is an oily liquid which covers the salt water component of tears to reduce evaporation from the eye surface. This meibum possesses antibacterial qualities which keeps eyelid margins clean. When abnormal blood vessel growth surrounds the Meibomian glands, inflammatory mediators from the blood cause malfunction of the glands and this leads to thickened meibum which does not spread as easily over the eye surface.

IPL liquifies the thickened meibum, and reduces the diameter of the inflammatory blood vessels. 

We use the E-Eye IPL protocol, which protects the eye with a ceramic shield, ultrasound gel covering of the skin and the application of five light flashes beneath and at the temple of each eye and follow up with meibum expression to stimulate normal meibum production. It is highly recommended that this kick starter be followed up at home nightly with the application of heat pads and your own meibum expression.



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