Dry Eye Treatment Options

Now offering Blephasteam in office heat treatment

Our treatments range from choosing the best eye drops for your daily comfort, eye cleansers, heat treatment or a course of IPL, again dependent on the cause and severity of your dry eye disease.

We can also organise special spectacles to reduce the eyes' exposure to the environment.


We determine the specific treatment for your eyes during our initial examination.

This can be an either in-office treatment only in the form of scurf removal, using BlephEx eyelash and lid cleaner or soft foam brush scurf remover, take home treatment only or a combination of treatments along with advice for disease control.

If you have been suffering from the symptoms of Blepharitis or have found the issue is recurring, then you need to talk to us.

At Dry Eye WA we can treat these symptoms. Call us for an appointment on 6468 5296 or book your appointment.




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