NuLids Home Treatment

NuLids is a small, hand-held device used to treat dry eye caused by Blepharitis or Meibomian gland dysfunction.
It gently cleans and stimulates the Meibomian glands to release natural oils that keep your eyes from becoming dry and irritated.

NuLids is a new at-home system that works by gently stimulating and rejuvenating the Meibomian glands and is an effective alternative treatment for dry eye disease.
The self-regulating design halts the movement of the NuLids soft tip if too much pressure is applied to the eye. Treatment takes just 1 minute.

NuLids is a safe, natural and more effective alternative in the treatment of Dry Eye Disease.
If too much pressure is applied during use, the self-regulating designs halts the movement.

NuLids is comfortable and easy to use.
Nulids offers a comfortable treatment that is convenient to use every day. Taking just 1 minute per treatment, Nulids offers quick and convenient dry eye relief.

NuLids offers an affordable treatment that can reduce/eliminate the need for other treatments being used.

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